Terms & Conditions of Hire

Upon hiring goods from Winkworth Hire, the hirer is agreeing to have read and understood the following terms and conditions:

Hired goods remain the property of Winkworth Hire.

In some cases, a deposit may be required to secure a booking.

Methods of payment include Cash, Cheque & Bank Transfer. We are not able to accept debit/credit cards at this moment.

The hirer is responsible for the insurance of goods from the point of delivery up until the point of collection.

Any dissatisfaction with hired goods should be alerted to Winkworth Hire upon delivery. All goods are supplied clean and ready to use. Any goods returned in dirty condition will be subject to a cleaning fee.

Any breakage or damage noticed after the point of delivery will be the responsibility of the customer.

Shortages or damaged goods will be charged at unit purchase cost only, not hire amount.

Prices quoted are for one day’s hire only. Longer periods of hire can be negotiated in advance, for example if you require time to decorate any hire items such as pots that is fine upon pre negotiation.

All packaging equipment including boxes, covers and wrapping that is supplied with hired goods upon delivery is to be returned dry and intact.

Winkworth Hire is in no way liable to injuries, harm, damage or loss of profit due to foreseen or unforeseen circumstances during the period of hire agreed (the point of delivery up until the point of collection). This includes the inability to use items due to weather circumstances.

Container Rental:

Customers agree not to store any items including animals, food, hazardous/flammable materials, money, firearms, illegal items.

All items are stored at customers risk.

For any clarification on any points above, please email info@winkworthhire.com